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The Universe appears to be setting us up for a real “consciousness-quake!” It’s sort of like an “earthquake”, only it’s taking place in our individual consciousness. Yours and mine.  Our hearts are being deeply impacted by three converging events;… the allegations against our teacher, the covid-19 virus and its quarantine requirement, the Black Lives Matter worldly impact, and most of all the way we are being affected by it all. It’s a triple threat whammy that we each have to unravel for ourselves. Whatever your thoughts and opinions might be, we definitely have the tools to manage these times. We will look deeply at the “ 5 Aquarian Sutras” (and other quotes) as a guide to evaluate our preparedness to be leaders in this march toward the Aquarian Age. It is not about impressing others about what we believe. It’s only about what beliefs we have personally impressed on our mind and our psyches. Let’s do this together.

KRIYA:                “Immune Strengthening Workout”     (The Inner Workout)

MEDITATION:  “Core Alignment Meditation”              (The Mind)


Krishna Kaur’s life was forever changed when she met and studied with Yogi Bhajan more than 45 years ago. Since then she’s been teaching Kundalini Yoga around the world as an E-RYT 500 teacher trainer certified by the 3H0 Foundation and Kundalini Research Institute. In Krishna’s presence you witness what it means to live according to the teachings.

Krishna is a master Kundalini Yoga teacher you won’t forget; her heart-centered classes will guide you closer to your potential in this lifetime in ways you didn’t know possible. She has released two albums and often incorporates these sound currents into her classes. Through commitment and grace, laughter and tears, you won’t be the same person you were at the start of her class.

Krishna’s passion has been working with youth for decades and this led her to establish a non-profit organization called Y.O.G.A. for Youth in 1998. Youth are given tools to manage anger, frustration and depression so they can access their own personal greatness, connect with their breath and allow their words, thoughts and actions to change the trajectory of their day. Krishna developed the teacher trainer curriculum for this program after witnessing miraculous transformations in young people. There are now hundreds of trained teachers to support youth in schools, detention centers, community facilities, and hospitals in several countries including Mexico, China, Chile, Germany, Taiwan, Canada, and USA.

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