Mantra and devotional singing

With Siri Sadhana Kaur + friends

‘Every person is an instrument in the orchestra which is the whole universe, and every voice is the music that comes from one of its instruments‘ ( Hazrat Inayat Khan)

We will draw on devotional mantras using Gurumukhi chants from the kundalini yoga tradition, connecting to the inner language of soul and assisting us in the magical experience of connecting with our inner bliss.

The power of sound and mantra elevates our consciousness, you are invited to join and express your unique sound whilst blending and being uplifted by the collective resonance and rhythm.

Through mantra we can experience a power and transformative quality in the voice that enriches our whole being.

Join Siri for a workshop that combines the three healing modalities of chanting, dance and gong. When used in a sequence, these therapeutic practices relax, connect and liberate allowing a full embodied experience of self.

Sound and movement taps into our body’s wisdom releasing “feel good” chemicals, and aligns us to create habits of happiness, as we intelligently yield and twist, within the dance of life.

This workshop combines the exquisite power of vibrating and toning your voice using kundalini mantras, as well as accessing the freedom and joy of dance expression, then slowly ending with a relaxing gong meditation and relaxation.

After the workshop students often feel and connect to a spacious light and an openness in your body, allowing freedom and clarity of thought, and a ability to move with joy and with ease. Through mobilising, activating then also resting and digesting in relaxing postures, we awaken our depth and nurture the universal pranic energy flow .

Suitable and welcoming for all – no previous singing or movement experience necessary. All levels of fitness and mobility welcome.

Siri Sadhana Kaur is a touring UK mantra recording artist, dancer and a Kundalini yoga trainer. Her love of embodying the sacred through movement, melody and rhythym led to her to record an ecclectic mix of 8 music mantra albums . Her daughter Aloka tours and records and is featured on their up and coming latest release ‘Rise+Shine’.

Siris background in Theatre, inspired her to train in Paris as a performer with the movement master Jacques Lecoq, she collaborated in both classical and innovative ensembles, whilst integrating interpersonal and therapeutic expression. For 20 years she worked closely with Sobonfu Somé daughter and elder of the Dagara tribe of West Africa, establishing the ritual healing village training UK, learning indiginous technology. Siri recently co-founded The Kundalini Yoga Studio in central London and runs Level 1 + Level 2 Aquarian teacher trainings, and events with the Karam Kriya School

With gratitude to her spiritual teacher Shiv Charan Singh, she shares her music, the timeless teachings of Kundalini yoga + indigenous technology, encouraging others to dance + sing their joyful depths, encorporating ceremony to consciousnesly awaken and become the instrument and true light of our souls.

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