by MSS Guruka Singh Khalsa, Espanola NM
Summer 2020

What is Aquarian leadership?

The forces that are elevating the consciousness of this entire planet are increasing logarithmically. In the last 2,000 years the entire planet has never been subjected as a whole to the forces that are acting through us, and upon us, now.

Aquarius is co-ruled by two planets—Saturn and Uranus, which explains how we are moving from the times of war on this planet towards a time of love. Having a Saturn teacher, we all understand that Saturn is the planet of tasks, structure, and responsibility and that it gives us the Aquarian commitment towards bettering the world.

But Uranus is the total opposite of Saturn and rules disruption and suddenness. Look around you. Isn’t what we are all undergoing together right now a sudden disruption? Aquarian energy is brilliant and clear, and its message is the same message that Guru Nanak Dev Ji stated in pauri 33 of Japji Sahib.

Jis hath jor kar vaykhai so-ay.

Naanak utam neech na ko-ay.

One Power. One Actor. One Doer. One Knower. O Nanak! No one is higher or lower.” This is the Aquarian Creed.

All is One. We are One. God acts through us. No one is higher or lower.

This is what it means to be Aquarian.

If we are all equal, then what follows is that positions, titles, manipulations, hidden agendas and self-promotion have no place in Aquarian society. They simply will not work. They show themselves to be what they are: patently absurd. What matters instead is authenticity, accountability and empathy without emotionality. We hear every voice and each voice is sovereign and important. The other person is you.

Now back to leadership.

quarian leadership comes from paying deep attention to our intuition. There’s nothing to figure out. Every problem contains its own solution and every question contains its own answer. What’s required is clear intuition and absolute trust in God and Guru.

Absolute trust creates fearlessness. Fearlessness is total freedom. It’s the state of having nothing to lose. There’s nothing to lose because nothing is ours in the first place. It’s all God and His leela (Divine Play). Everything that comes to us and goes from us is already written.

A strong nervous system, a strong intuition and total trust in God and Guru. That is Aquarian leadership. It’s being alert to each moment and what it requires of us. Knowing immediately that either this one is mine to act on, or this one isn’t mine. In that way we remain silent when it’s time to be silent; we speak when the words come through us; we act when the action falls to us (for we are the hands and mouth of God) and we refrain from acting when the action is not assigned to us in hukam.

So, what does Aquarian leadership look like?

Over 6,000 years ago Lao Tse described Aquarian leadership perfectly:

The worst leaders are feared by the people.

Then come the leaders who are obeyed, loved and praised.

But the best leaders are those whose people hardly know they exist.

They weigh their words carefully and speak but little.

When they have accomplished their work,

The people say: “We did this all by ourselves.”


MSS Guruka Singh Khalsa currently serves as President and CIO of SikhNet. He is one of the original 25 Kundalini Yoga teachers trained directly by Yogi Bhajan. He began teaching Kundalini Yoga in 1971 and is still traveling and teaching all over the world. He is a certified KRI Level III Teacher and Professional Trainer. His many YouTube videos and writings are an ongoing source of inspiration to millions. He is the author/editor of several books including Furmaan Khalsa (editor), “The Game of Love” (editor) and co-author with MSS Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa of “Heroes, Saints and Yogis—Tales of Self-Discovery and the Path of Sikh Dharma” (2011).  He lives under the blue skies of New Mexico with his beloved Khalsa family.

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