Narayan jot lived in many places: Corsica, Madagascar, Colombia, Mexico, Germany, India, Canada…

After studying fine arts and fashion design and working as a makeup artist in Paris, she discovered Kundalini yoga in 2011 and started exploring the depths of the soul.

She then met her music teacher in 2015 in Amritsar, opening a doorway into the sound current, the cosmic vibration.

From her many travels she gathered the lively, expressive colors she paints with:

“Sometimes I feel that the vibrant colors I was surrounded by from a very young age infused themselves in me, colors talk to me and I understand their language, we are in each other. Wether I am painting, talking or singing, I express myself with colors, through them, using their wide palette of shades and nuances.

Painting is a spiritual process, a meditative journey, a deep-dive into the unknown. I am grateful to witness and experience this beautiful alchemy of the soul.